Tawasul Insurance Services LLC

P.O.Box 106119, Office No. 1503, Tower-C, Electra Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Location : Behind Honda Showroom

+971 2 6434331

[email protected]

+971 2 6504667

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Company Profile

Tawasul Insurance Services, L.L.C, was established on 27th May 2006 in Abu Dhabi. Tawasul is registered with the department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi, Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Tawasul has been one of the prominent insurance brokers since its inception, offering personal & commercial lines of insurance.

Tawasul is known for its consistent & excellent financial results. However, in a professional service industry like ours, the ultimate test should always be client service. We have a culture that is passionate about putting our client first. As the broker to disavow contingents and refuse supplemental compensation, Tawasul has taken an unwavering stand on acting in the best interests of the client.

Some advantages of going through with Tawasul are:

  1. Time saving:we as a broker will assist you to choose the best suited policy/plan and will save time by knowing what risk conditions you might have.
  2. Convenience:Building a good relationship with a broker that you can trust will shop better competitive terms/price for you even at the time of renewals.
  3. Customer Services:dedicated services are available at your door step if any claim arises.
  4. Underwriting Access:Through Tawasul you can get access to underwriting departments of many insurance companies and could assist you to complete mandatory requirements like filling/submission of proposal forms.

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