Techno Windows & Doors Factory

P.O.Box 26627, Mussafah 10, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Key Personnel : Mohamed Waseem Saeed - Marketing and Sales Manager

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Development, modern technology and search for the better are the basis of establishing Techno Windows and Doors Factory. After the world abandoned several years ago the old concepts of windows and doors made of aluminum and wood… etc., U.P.V.C isolating systems certainly is the appropriate guarantee for all the environments, especially the Gulf environments, which motivated our company to be proactive in introducing these systems to the Arab Gulf, especially the United Arab Emirates for its vital role in development leadership in the region.

Techno Windows and Doors Factory is one of the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates in the field of windows, doors and closure systems made of plasticized. We have equipped our factory with the latest technologies and machinery in addition to the German knowhow. We also have the best professionals having experience and efficiency in the manufacturing process according to GCC standards 100%. We produce the elements of the gulf environments and manufacture the same according to the various measurements and forms using the latest customized machines and equipment made in Germany.

Therefore, the system of Techno Windows and Doors Factory is the sole system specifically prepared to suit the Gulf environments as it is sound, heat, cold, dust and water proof, fire- resistant and non- flammable as proven with high capacity. Techno Windows and Doors Factory warrants its products giving all the clients the right in maintenance. Therefore, your choice of the windows and doors of Techno Factory is the optimal decision for a better future.

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