Future Gate Advertising & Publishing

P.O.Box 91061, Musaffah Industrial Area, M 40, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Key Personnel : Murad Aldalou - GM Mobile : +971 50 8123073

Company Profile

Futuregate is a company with little time to look back these days, growth and change are coming at a rapid pace of this industry as it moves and adapts to the enormous opportunities of the 21st Century Advertising and Print Media. But that doesn’t mean there is little by way of past accomplishment. in fact, it is precisely the company’s proud record of achievement that serves as inspiration and foundation for its future. In the process, we have become famous and virtually synonymous with highest quality. As the company takes its Signage and Digital Printing to the next level of customer value, it is also broadening its strong center store presence to include a wide array of new products, new categories, and newly acquired brands and businesses. The result is a re-energized and determined Advertising company that is winning by showing consumers exciting new ways on the go.

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