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As our company registered in all the Petroleum Companies in UAE and the main work started with ADMA-OPCO in Das Island, Mussafah and we had long term contract to make the industrial cleaning of DAS Island and to remove the scrap. We executed the removal of sludge from many oil tanks in Das Island, Ruwais, we make recycling of this sludge with the co-operation of foreign companies. We are following the developed system of HSEMS during our work. We are participating in all tenders from the different companies in the scope of our activities. Our employees are attending most of the seminars and training in order to match wLand Mark Metals is a subsidiary of M/s. Mohamed Al Otaiba Group, established in 1973. It is 100% owned by Mr. Mohamed Abdulla Al Otaiba the name was "Scrap Establishment" and on 29/02/1999 the name changed to "Land Mark Metals".

Since the formation the company we are executing the cleaning and dislodging of Oil Tanks and scrap collection from ADMA-OPCO Das Island and Mussafah Base Supply

The company has big Warehouse in Mussafah which is equipped with earth moving equipment, Cranes, Excavators, Forklifts, Trailers etc. It is then segregated as per international acceptable quality and later transported for sale either locally or exported outside depending upon the nature of scrap following strict environmental procedure.

As the company specializes in scrap activities and has already dealt and marketed scrap generated from the oil field installations. They know we are the ultimate buyers of such scrap and have good contacts with such companies.ith the advanced technologies. Most of them has experience of more than 15 years in Das Island.

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